'Dancing With The Stars' Carries On Tradition Of Casting MTV Stars

New castmembers the Situation and Audrina Patridge join the ranks of Steve-O, Kelly Osbourne and Drew Lachey.

When the new season of ABC's hit competition show "Dancing With the Stars" kicks off on September 20, it will feature two names from the MTV family: "Jersey Shore" breakout star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and "The Hills" head-turner Audrina Patridge. The two will compete against the likes of David Hasselhoff, Brandy, former NBA star Rick Fox, Michael Bolton, Bristol Palin, former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner, Disney star Kyle Massey, "Brady Bunch" star Florence Henderson, comedian Margaret Cho and "Dirty Dancing" legend Jennifer Grey.

While we won't know how Patridge or the Situation will fair until the first step is executed when the show premieres in three weeks, they both have a lot to live up to. MTV stars repeatedly show up as castmembers on "Dancing With the Stars," and while their level of success has been mixed, they always leave an impression.

One of them even won once. Drew Lachey, the former member of 98 Degrees and a staple on the hit MTV reality show "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica," took home the mirror-ball trophy back in February of 2006. In the finals, Lachey narrowly beat out Jerry Rice (the former NFL wide receiver and a big fan favorite) and Stacy Keibler (a former WWE performer who has a bit of MTV history of her own — she appeared on the wrestling promotion's "Heat" show on MTV at the beginning of the decade).

Another MTV reality star had significantly less success. Shanna Moakler, one of the stars of the MTV series "Meet the Barkers," appeared on the show in the fall of 2006. "Meet the Barkers" followed the lives of Moakler and her husband, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, along with their three children. While Moakler's wardrobe certainly kept her in the minds of people watching "Meet the Barkers," she didn't leave the same kind of impression on the "Dancing With the Stars" viewers and judges, as she was sent home during the second week of competition.

Kelly Osbourne fared significantly better. Though she struggled early in the fall 2009 season, the breakout star of "The Osbournes" ended up becoming one of the better narratives of the season, as she overcame injuries and rough treatment from the judges to become a pretty excellent dancer. She performed well in the finals against Mya and eventual winner Donny Osmond.

Steve-O also became something of a dark horse during his run on the show. The "Jackass" featured player quickly became a favorite among fans of the show, and he outlasted the likes of Playboy model Holly Madison, actress Denise Richards and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Steve-O ended up finishing in eighth place, a strong showing for a guy who has made his living hurting himself.

And even though he got knocked out during the second week of the competition, you can't overlook Buzz Aldrin's impact on "Dancing With the Stars." Though Aldrin is certainly best known for his accomplishments in the space program, he is perhaps the ultimate MTV star, as he was the model for the Moonman, the prize that winners take home at the Video Music Awards. Aldrin nabbed some of the lowest scores in the history of the show, but he did it with a great deal of charm.

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