Afrojack Wants 'Take Over Control' To Be 'Big All Over The World'

The David Guetta protégé also talks 'big' plans: 'Hopefully doing some stuff with Britney Spears.'

Afrojack dropped his single "Take Over Control" on Monday, and with its release, the Dutch DJ/producer seems intent on expanding his self-invented "bleepy" sound to a mass audience.

"Popwise, I'm working with a girl called Eva Simons," Afrojack told MTV News earlier this year. "She's also from Holland. We have one track together called 'Take Over Control' that's gonna be the first dance/bleepy pop song," he explained at the time.

Afrojack was widely celebrated at this year's Winter Music Conference in Miami, with many of the genre's heavy-hitters commending his new contribution to electronic/dance music. The song is already a hit in Europe, and after performing it during sets throughout his 2010 North American tour and at Los Angeles' Electric Daisy Festival, "Take Over" has become something of a set staple for DJs.

"I think ... Well, I hope, it's gonna be big all over the world," Afrojack (born Nick Van de Wall) said. "Ministry of Sound wants to push money into it. Everybody wants to push it, and make it into the new revolution song. So, I'm so lucky that they have chosen this song."

Popularizing his bleepy Holland House sound might be a lesson gleaned from his mentor and frequent collaborator, David Guetta, who in a show of support posted a link to "Take Over" Monday morning. Once considered solely a house music star, Guetta has within the past two years become a global crossover pop success by "urbanizing" what the mainstream American music scene had long considered a niche category.

"He's like my big brother. I was never into pop stuff," Afrojack said of Guetta. "I was never into the charts, and TV and everything, but he introduced me to it and let me know how it worked and how it was fun to make. I started making a little bit of pop music on the side just for fun and it actually turned out pretty well. So we are doing some big things. Hopefully doing some stuff with Britney Spears.

"He was in the studio with me the first time he finished the new song for Rihanna," Afrojack continued. "He was like, 'OMG. You gotta hear this ... it's crazy. So I was expecting some crazy club sh--. But he played me that track and it was a good [pop] track. So that's what inspired me to do that."

Fans can purchase the "Take Over Control" download at or hear it live when Afrojack performs this Saturday at New York's Electric Zoo electronic music festival. He's joined on the lineup by Armin van Buuren, Diplo, Avicii, Wolfgang Gartner and Axwell, among many other acts at the two-day event.

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