2AM Club Hook Up With Kanye West Producer No ID For Debut

L.A. band is set to release What Did You Think Was Going To Happen? in September.

This September, L.A. outfit 2AM Club will release their debut studio album, What Did You Think Was Going To Happen? and for it, the guys hit the studio with a number of top-grade producers including former Talking Heads member Jerry Harrison and hip-hop producer No ID, who they say helped shape one "ridiculous" track for their album.

"The beginning of the No ID collaboration is he had a track [and] we did our album with an A&R guy named Peter Edge, who worked with Alicia keys and D'Angelo and has done a bunch of amazing records over the last few years," 2 AM-er Tyler Cordy explained to MTV News. "And we just heard it one day and it was ridiculous. And it always had been there."

So, after thinking it over, the guys decided to revisit the song for the album. "And we heard it and we kind of went back months later and [were like], 'What happened to the No ID beat?' ... So we got in the studio and hashed out this song, 'Make You Mine.' The track turned out ridiculous."

The guys not only hooked up with the hip-hop producer for the track, they also left sunny California to record the album in very chilly New York City. It was a refreshing change. "We had a bunch of demos written when we were leaving L.A. And then, hooking up with our team, they extended the hand [to come to NYC]," Cordy explained. "We never really lived on the East Coast, and we wrote in Brooklyn and spent a number of cold, cold winter months [there]. It gave the record two different angles."

Bandmate Marc Griffin explained that this album means the world to the group. "We've been writing it our whole lives," he said. "It's about love and heartbreak and nighttime and leaving home."

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