'Machete' Stars Pick Their Badass Allies

Jessica Alba goes with 'genius and amazing' director Robert Rodriguez, along with co-star Michelle Rodriguez.

Those familiar with the trailer for Robert Rodriguez's new film "Machete" — which started out as a fake preview in "Grindhouse" and eventually inspired the full-length feature — know to expect high-octane action sequences, blood and, thanks to Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez, badass babes.

Wednesday night's special screening of the anticipated "Mexploitation" flick kept up with the high-octane and badass aspects, as Rodriguez and his cast arrived in pimped-out low-riders to the Orpheum Theatre in downtown L.A. Given the rebellious and revolutionary nature of Machete the character, and his trajectory in the film, we asked the stars who they would choose as an ally in a revolution.

Don Johnson went with a founding father and a famous rebel. "I like George Washington," Johnson said. "He did a good job. Fidel [Castro], he did a good job." Johnson also singled out Machete himself, Danny Trejo. "He's good with a knife," he said. "Weird huh?"

Trejo went a different route: with his leading ladies. "Jessica Alba or Michelle Rodriguez," he said, highlighting the ladies' feisty fighting skills. "In this movie, they're both badasses. They're both bad-gorgeous-asses."

Alba also picked a leading lady as her ally. "Michelle [Rodriguez]!" she said. "[Michelle's character in the movie] and Robert Rodriguez," she added, as her director joined in the interview. "Because he's a genius and he's amazing." (Alba also revealed that Rodriguez is an amazing cook, which enhances his ally appeal.)

"I'd have to say Danny [Trejo]," Rodriguez said. "You know why? Because he's got loyalty in his eyes. He looks like the kind of guy that will take survival seriously, protection seriously, love seriously."

Cheech Marin agreed: "Danny Trejo, man, he's the baddest. He's great in this movie."

There you have it. Choice revolution ally: Danny Trejo. Who would you want to be by your side in a revolution? Leave your ideas in the comments!

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