Taylor Swift Finds Love, Has Kids In 'Mine' Video

Director Roman White dishes on what fans can expect from the clip, which premieres Friday on MTV.com.

With fans eagerly anticipating the premiere of Taylor Swift's "Mine" video, director Roman White — who also worked with Swift on the VMA-winning "You Belong With Me" and her VMA-nominated clip for "Fifteen" — said their latest collabo shows a more grown-up side to the singer.

" 'Mine' was a very hard song," he said about the track, which will be featured on Swift's October 25 release Speak Now. "The song has a lot of dark elements, but it also has a lot of happy elements. Taylor was extremely involved with this one from the beginning. We had lots of conversations about what it should be and moments and things like that."

The video was shot early this summer, and White and Swift worked to make sure they'd capture the ups and downs of the video's love affair between Swift and "Black Swan" actor Toby Hemingway.

"We shot the video in early July in Maine, and it was insanely hot. The first day we shot at this private estate. They had a private beach and everything, which made shooting a lot easier, because when you go out in public and somebody spots Taylor Swift, I mean, it doesn't take 15 minutes and there's a huge crowd," he recalled about the video shoot.

"The beach shot we shot was mostly her and Toby falling in love," he explained. "It was more kind of walking hand in hand along the coastline, and then later on in the video, we kind of mimic that same beach. But it's Toby and older Taylor, and older Taylor has shorter hair. That's pretty much it."

The video will also feature the pair getting engaged and married. It's quite different from the high school-themed video White previously shot with her. "Taylor's definitely matured since I've known her," he said. "We started with 'You Belong With Me,' and now we just shot a video where she has kids, and so that's quite an evolution. I definitely think she's growing into herself. It's going to sound cheesy, but she's becoming a woman."

"Mine" premieres Friday at 8:30 p.m. ET on MTV.com, VH1.com and CMT.com.

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