T.I. 'Lost Sleep' Over Double Duty As Producer And Star Of 'Takers'

'I increased my responsibilities and just basically sacrificed my time,' Tip says of dual roles on the film.

T.I. had two roles for the upcoming film "Takers." Not only did he play the main villain, he also was behind the scenes as one of the action thriller's producers.

"I did assist with the producing," Tip said humbly a couple of weeks ago in Los Angeles, where he and his co-star Jay Hernandez were promoting the project.

"I lost sleep to say the least," he added about juggling all of his professional and personal obligations while "Takers" was in production. "I increased my responsibilities and just basically sacrificed my time. Just sacrificed in every way possible whenever necessary."

In the movie, Tip plays Delonte "Ghost" Rivers, who helps put together a team of bank robbers with Idris Elba's character, Gordon Jennings. After a heist goes awry, Ghost is shot and apprehended by the police. He serves several years in the pen but refuses to snitch on his squad. Ironically, on the day he's released from jail, the Takers pull off another elaborate caper. Ghost eventually reconnects with his team with plans for their biggest robbery yet. The Takers are leery because they usually only do one job per year, but they simply can't refuse the high stakes and rewards on this one.

"I enjoyed it a lot," Tip says about becoming Ghost on the big screen. "It gave me a reason to exercise all of my villainous characteristics and have an excuse," he smiled. "Also, it represented a challenge in finding a way to have this character's circumstances be related to by the audience. Have the audience say, 'Well, if I was done this way by my beloved, how would I respond? In what way would that cause me to react? What would I do then [that] I wouldn't do normally?' I think it's just incorporating all those thoughts and finding a way to put that onscreen."

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