Soulja Boy Says Kanye West Complimented His 'Dope-Ass Bars'

SB has also found a fan in Gucci Mane, he tells MTV News' Sway during 'RapFix Live.'

Soulja Boy Tell'em is one smart kid. The rapper/producer was asked by Kanye West to supply beats, and while SB had 'Ye's attention, he decided to slip him a couple of his own tracks to see if the "Power" rapper would comment on his improved skills.

"Recently, this single that I got on my album that ain't out yet, I had recorded it and I had sent it to Kanye," Soujla Boy told Sway during "RapFix Live" on Thursday (August 19). " 'Cause he asked me to send him some beats, and I just wanted to see what he thought abut it. So I sent him two songs. One of them was like on an R&B vibe; I was still spitting, though, but I was singing on the hook. And then one of them was just straight rapping. I sent them to him, and he typed back on e-mail, 'Those were some dope-ass bars. I like your verse on it.' That made me feel good."

The "Pretty Boy Swag" star has been on a mission to up his lyricism on his next project, The DeAndre Way, after being criticized for simple rhymes on his first two albums, both of which were huge commercial successes. Earlier this year, SB told MTV News that West was a fan of his work. He also told Sway on Thursday that, in addition to Yeezy, Gucci Mane has become a supporter of the Twitter king's abilities.

"I been in the studio with Gucci, we did a song — me, him and Pharrell — and I spit a verse, and he told me I killed it," Soulja said. "Any time I get a compliment from somebody, that makes me want to step up my game and get better with my music."

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