Birdman Unveils '900-Karat Chain' In 'Entourage' DVD -- Watch A Clip Here!

But #1 Stunna 'is putting in work,' DJ Scoob Doo says of his new documentary.

The Unveiling: "Entourage: Fetti Holmes Edition"

Not 850, not 899, 900 wawdie! In an exclusive clip from DJ Scoob Doo's new DVD "Entourage: Fetti Holmes Edition" — you can watch right here! — the Birdman shows why he's still the #1 Stunna. The Cash Money Records CEO pulls out one of his most decadent pieces of jewelry and gets the jeweler on the phone for added measure.

"In this clip, it's Birdman talking about he's got a 900-karat chain," Scoob explained. "Not even the chain, it's the medallion. He calls the jeweler clarifying that it's 900 karats. He talks about how that's his favorite piece of all time. He's the type of person that also lets it be known he never re-sold his jewelry. You know how people have their first chain in their first video, swap it out, then get a new one? He has every piece of jewelry he ever owned."

Just for your edification, Baby's piece cost $250,000. (What recession?) The DVD also highlights the Birdman showing off a watch worth a meal ticket.

And while Lil Wayne's Paw has become synonymous with over-the-top indulgence and loyalty to his family, not to mention the business acumen that's kept Cash Money thriving, Scoob told Mixtape Daily that people are going to be surprised to see that Baby isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

"One thing I noticed is that he is hands-on with everything," Scoob observed. He has been shooting for months with Stunna, both for the "Entourage" DVD and for the Birdman's own upcoming "The Godfather" DVD. "He's not lazy. You would probably think he's in the office waiting for stuff to come to him. He's hands-on with the artist, hands-on with picking beats, picking songs. He's hands-on when it's time to make that big-time decision with no emotion.

"It's not like he orders people to work hard and he doesn't work hard himself. Or it's not like he's sleeping while everybody is working. No, he doesn't sleep either. You hear about Wayne not sleeping and being in the studio all night. Baby may not be recording, but it's not like he's in the other room with strippers and living life — he's finding something to do. He practices what he preaches. He ain't on some sh-- where he's trying to reap the rewards of other people's hard work. He's trying to get his hands dirty, he's putting in work himself."

"Entourage: Fetti Holmes Edition" is currently available on and has an August 27 street date.

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