Usher Calls 'Hot Tottie,' Featuring Jay-Z, 'Incredible'

'Videos, we're in the process of working on that as well,' he tells MTV News of his Versus plans.

[artist id="1270"]Usher's[/artist] life is all about balance right now. We caught up with him at the World Leadership Awards earlier this month in Atlanta, and he gave us a glimpse into his busy schedule.

"If it's not philanthropy, it's music," he said at the event for his New Look Foundation, which just raised $150,000 for a mobile clinic that will go to Haiti. "If it's not music, it's making sure I got the kids and dropping them off. I'm like super dad right now. The tour is the next step. May do a little acting. I'm definitely in the process of producing a few things, but it's staying busy. If it's not fragrance, then it's lifestyle. If it's cars — I mean owning, not just driving — it's a little bit of everything."

As far as his music goes, his latest song, the Jay-Z-featuring "Hot Tottie," is in heavy radio rotation. The record — whose name is a variation on a hot toddy mixed drink — is just a taste of the heat Usher has to offer on his upcoming EP, Versus.

"In terms of 'Hot Tottie,' it's another incredible record that's gonna be part of the re-release of Raymond v. Raymond [called] Versus," he said. "There's a few more. You guys check it out. Videos, we're in the process of working on that as well."

Versus is slated to drop Tuesday.

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