J.J. Abrams Developing '7 Minutes In Heaven'

'Lost' scribe Jack Bender will helm thriller based on teen party game.

With his Bad Robot production company, J.J. Abrams has tackled a highly successful "Star Trek" reboot, a genre-flipping giant-monster-invades-city movie, an impossible mission and a handful of the most gripping network television shows of the past 10 years. What's left to tackle? High school party games!

Bad Robot is developing a thriller based on "7 Minutes in Heaven," The Hollywood Reporter reveals. The name refers to a teenage party game in which two randomly selected participants are stuffed in a closet together for seven minutes, presumably spending their time either making out or staring at each other awkwardly. In the movie pitch, which originated with "Lost" writer/director Jack Bender, the two teens emerge from the closet to find that all of their friends are dead!

Bender signed a feature deal with Bad Robot earlier in the summer and the "7 Minutes in Heaven" movie will be his to direct. The next step is to find a writer, and Bad Robot is looking for one now.

Bender's experience as a feature director is limited to little more than "Child's Play 3," but he's got a strong background in television as a writer and director on "The Sopranos," "Carnivàle," "Alias," "Felicity" and, of course, "Lost." He is currently developing the superpowered TV series "Alphas" and is in negotiations to direct the next Jack Ryan film, though the latter would not be under the Bad Robot banner.

Abrams' production company is thriving nonetheless, with upcoming "Star Trek" and "Mission: Impossible" sequels, the Steven Spielberg homage "Super 8," graphic novel adaptation "Boilerplate" and a remake of the 1980 comedy "Little Darlings." Coming up later this year for Bad Robot is the comedy "Morning Glory," starring Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams.

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