Shawty Lo Calls Off Engagement, Drops New Mixtape

'I want a whole new look on everything I got going,' he tells Mixtape Daily.

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Mixtape: Bowen Homes Carlos

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Essential Info: Shawty Lo is cleaning house. He phoned in Tuesday to discuss the changes he's made in his life. First is his label: It will no longer be called D4L Records.

"That's my brand, that's where I started from," he said of D4L. "But I'm officially switching my label to 2610: BHF. 'BHF' meaning Bowens Home family. 2610 is [the address] where we started from, D4L."

Lo said the name D4L had a stigma to it that some didn't take as seriously as he wanted.

"I just want a fresh look," he said. "I feel like I got a whole new movement. And I feel the D4L got a curse on it. People think it's the dancing, the snap [music]. I just wanna get a whole new look. I had a 10-year relationship and everything. I want a whole new look on everything I got going."

That decade-long relationship to his love Ecreia Perez was highlighted by an engagement earlier this summer. But one month after he popped the question, Lo said he broke things off.

"Things happen. I can't point no fingers," Lo said. "We were separated, the engagement lasted probably a month. It was a 10-year relationship, I love her still, but it's time to move on. It's over. I'm finnin' to move on. I got everything new going for me."

Shawty won't say exactly what led to their breakup, other than alluding to the fact that Perez disappointed him. "Something happened that I found out," he said. "Me, being a man, you just can't deal with certain stuff, put up with certain stuff. So, you know, it's better for us to separate. I can't talk about it. That my daughter's mother. I got much respect for her. ... [But] yeah, I'm single right now."

On Tuesday, Shawty put out his Gangsta Grillz mixtape, Bowen Homes Carlos.

"It's crazy, man," he said. "It's probably my biggest mixtape. I worked so hard on it. My projects, Bowen Homes, was tore down.

" 'Tunnel Vision' is crazy," he added about the tape. "That's one song I leaked by mistake, and it caught. 'Tunnel Vision' means I'm focused now. This is all I see, and I'm going forward. I just released another video on 'Tunnel Vision.' There was one that was released by Jordan Towers, it wasn't official, but I appreciate him for doing that. 'Dey Say Where You Been,' that's with me and Stuntman. It's been out for a minute, but I had to put it out on my mixtape, because everywhere I go, they ask about Stuntman. 'Amazing,' that's gonna be the crossover record. I kinda did the Auto-Tune thing, the T-Pain thing on there. If you listen to the first verse, I'm kinda talking about what happened in my relationship. But I'm amazing. Shawty L.O. is amazing. Bowen Homes Carlos is here, believe that."

Outside of his music, Shawty is releasing a cologne in about a month called Lo Seduction: "It's a very nice smell for the men. It's been something I've been working on for a little over a year now. It took 13 different smells to get it where I wanted it to be. It can go unisex."

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