Angelina Jolie Talks 'Salt' Sequel

'I love to punch things,' she said of her role as a CIA agent.

All "Salt" was missing at its twisty end was a "To Be Continued" graphic.

Angelina Jolie's spy thriller was engineered for a sequel. Its main storyline came to a close with the titular hero out of immediate danger and setting off on a new quest for revenge. And "Salt" performed admirably against "Inception" earlier this summer, opening to $36 million in ticket sales. Now there's been some tentative movement on a second film.

Jolie is keeping her fingers crossed that everything works out. "I hope so, for everybody — if they want to see more of Salt," she said at the film's London premiere on Monday (August 16), according to the

target="_blank">Press Association. "I love doing action. I love to punch things, jump off things and shoot, so I'm lucky I got the job."

But Sony is said to be waiting to see how "Salt" performs internationally before the studio commits to backing a sequel, the Los Angeles Times reports. Director Phillip Noyce has been reported as interested in reprising his directing duties, and writer Kurt Wimmer is said to be developing ideas to continue the story.

Jolie hasn't yet lined up her next project. "The Tourist" is now behind her and other projects, like the Tim Burton flick, "Maleficent," are not yet ready to ramp up. But from what she's been saying, it seems that she's eager to return to "Salt" territory.

"The other action films I did are based on fantasy while this character is based on reality so we had to make her tougher and meaner," she said. "Salt fights aggressively, in face-to-face combat. In some movies I've done, there's been a temptation — because I'm female — to make the action nice."