David Bowie Denies Lady Gaga Collaboration

Rock legend's official site calls document claiming that Bowie and Gaga would work together a 'hoax.'

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] has often spoken about her love for chameleonic rock icon [artist id="973"]David Bowie[/artist] and his gender-bending, glitter-splashed style. Last week, when rumors emerged on a Gaga fansite that the Thin White Duke would be working on Gaga's upcoming album, fans of both artists were understandably intrigued, excited and a bit skeptical.

But Bowie's official website has denied rumors that he would lend his legendary croon to a song reportedly titled "Vinyl." The statement, written by the site's news editor, read in part: "When this tall story first surfaced a few days ago it was denied as a hoax in an update to the same article, and we thought that would be the end of it. I guess some folk see what they want to see though."

The scanned document that popped up last Thursday, which bears the hoax-y title "confirmation of recorded music," also lists Gaga collaborator RedOne as one of the album's producers and engineers. Also named on the fake list are famed R&B producer Teddy Riley and his daughter Taja, as well as former Gaga collaborator Fernando Garibay (Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears). Song titles cited include "Hooker on a Church Corner" and "Scream Loud."

"The rumor that David Bowie has been working with Lady Gaga seems to have taken off," continued the statement on Bowie's site. "The hoax was started by some bright spark or other with the above forgery ... However, in a nutshell, the suggestion that David Bowie is producing and participating in the production of Lady Gaga's next album is untrue and a hoax."

Gaga has kept a tight lid on the details about her second full-length studio effort. In an interview with i-D, she said, "The new album is my absolute greatest work I've ever done, and I'm so excited about it ... The message, the melodies, the direction, the meaning, what it will mean to my fans and what it will mean to me in my own life — it's utter liberation.

I'm on the quest to create the anthem for my generation for the next decade, so that's what I've done."

Though she's had a close, hit-heavy relationship with RedOne, Gaga promised that she's updating her sound on the still-untitled album with a slate of new producers who she's declined to identify.

"I will never tell because as soon as I tell, everyone starts working with them," she said of her new album's production team. "So all I can say is that nobody knows who they are. They're all new."