Fantasia Overdose Draws Sympathy, Criticism From Fans

Reactions to the 'American Idol' champ's apparent suicide attempt are mixed.

Fantasia Barrino's apparent attempt to take her own life has sparked a range of reactions from the "American Idol" winner's fans. On Monday, Barrino suffered a drug overdose after ingesting a mix of aspirin and a sleep aid. The singer was taken to a North Carolina hospital, and a police report listed Barrino's condition as a "suicide/overdose." In the wake of the singer's recent troubles, fans have been divided over Barrino's alleged suicide attempt.

"This is so sad and reminds me of the people who win the lottery but their life falls apart afterwards," Burker wrote on the "American Idol" fan website "So many highs and lows in Tasia's life. I'm rooting for ya babe!"

Bfashion58 also expressed support for the troubled "Idol" champ. "My prayers are with Fantasia and her family," the poster wrote. "What don't break you will only make you stronger."

"Hope you'll get better soon Fantasia!! I miss you!!" Chuckgirl2008 wrote on

"UR n my prayers Tasia, keep ur head up!!!" Reginald Ready said.

Many fans have sent Barrino well-wishes, but the singer has also been the subject of much viral vitriol. Numerous online commenters have blasted Barrino's suicide attempt as a "selfish" move that would have left her daughter without a mom.

"I'm sorry, but trying to commit suicide when you are a mother is probably the most selfish thing a person can do," Max wrote on the Clutch magazine website. "I do not feel sorry for her, I feel sorry for her daughter."

"I'm sorry but I can not feel bad for Fantasia," an anonymous poster declared on "The thought of her taking her life and leaving her DAUGHTER parent-less over some man is very selfish to [me]."

Several fans have referenced Barrino's reported relationship with a married man as the cause of her alleged suicide attempt. The singer was named in court documents filed last week by Paula Cook, the wife of Barrino's supposed boyfriend Antwaun, charging that the two started a "covert adulterous affair" last August. The documents also allege that the duo filmed a sex tape, which precipitated the collapse of the marriage.

"I find it hard to feel bad for her bc I believe she knew what she was doing," another TheYBF anonymous poster wrote. "Not to sound heartless, but even if she didn't know he was married [I'm] sure she found out along the way."

"As a married woman, it is tough to feel sorry for women like this," Clutch Mag Online poster Maria wrote. "As a celebrity she needs to think twice before doing anything that could ruin her career. Plus why go after a married man when there are so many single men out there to choose from?"

"Fantasia is a sorry excuse for a [woman]," another anonymous poster typed on TheYBF. "She got caught and now she's trying to dig her way out and I have no remorse for her."

Barrino's drug overdose was just the latest incident in a life that has been marked by incredible highs and devastating lows. The singer overcame sexual abuse, teen pregnancy and illiteracy to take the "American Idol" crown in 2004. Barrino went on to release the platinum debut Free Yourself and starred in Broadway's "The Color Purple." However, the star reportedly skipped more than 50 "Color Purple" performances, and one of Barrino's homes went into foreclosure in 2008. Yet, in 2010, Barrino appeared to be enjoying a return to the spotlight with the hit VH1 show "Fantasia for Real." She also recently dropped the single "Bittersweet."

Fantasia fans remain split over her recent issues, however. Some commenters, such as Itgirlstyle, insist that the public should have sympathy despite Barrino's celebrity.

"Nobody is perfect, and we have all have made mistakes/choices we aren't proud of. The difference is, when celebrities make mistakes, it's broadcast to the world and all of a sudden everybody is perfect and feel they have the right to judge and condemn," the commenter wrote on Clutch. "Hold your head up, Tasia."

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