Noreaga Hopes 'Nutcracker' Will Be A Summer 'Club Banger'

'I didn't want the summer to leave without me having a club banger,' he tells MTV News.

Although Capone-N-Noreaga released The War Report 2, the sequel to their debut album, earlier this summer, one-half of the Queens duo wanted to make sure he snuck in another project before flip-flops get exchanged for Timberlands.

"I kind of miss going to the clubs, so I immediately wanted to drop a club banger," Nore told MTV News of his single "Nutcracker." "I didn't want the summer to leave without me having a club banger. So that's what I wanted to do."

The Scoop DeVille-produced knocker is the first effort from Nore's forthcoming solo album, which he hopes to release with a major label. The rapper is finalizing a director to work on the visual for "Nutcracker," which he hopes will either be a spoof of the movie "House Party" or a take on "Flavor of Love," featuring Public Enemy hype man Flavor Flav in the clip.

In the meantime, Nore is finishing up his album and hoping to add a few more features once he signs a new deal. For now, he's enjoying the success of "Nutcracker."

"Big-up to my man Scoop DeVille tearing it up, man," Nore said. "I couldn't let the summer leave. I needed one of those club bangers. I was a big fan of [Scoop] from the work he's done with Snoop, [Fat] Joe and now Nore. And hopefully we'll have a smash as well."

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