Matt And Kim Reveal Details Of New Single, 'Cameras'

'I decided we don't write songs anymore, we write anthems,' Matt Johnson tells MTV News.

Matt & Kim have already gotten naked in Times Square, won a Woodie and probably guaranteed themselves a lifetime supply of Bacardi. But they're not about to stop there.

Because when MTV News caught up with the dynamic duo on Friday at Lollapalooza, they told us — exclusively, it would seem — about their plans to unleash a brand-new single this month ... with another eye-popping video (and album) to follow. And once again, they're thinking big.

"Well, the song's called 'Cameras' and the chorus says, 'No time for cameras/ We'll use our eyes instead,' which is a very Matt and Kim kind of message," Matt Johnson told us in Chicago. "But [it's got the] same sort of good, party vibe, big heavy beats, sing-along chorus. I decided we don't write songs anymore, we write anthems."

And as far as that video is concerned, well, they're not about to reveal all the secrets just yet. But from the sound of things, it's gonna be amazing. Or a complete disaster.

"We came up with an idea, and, if we can pull it off, wow," Johnson laughed. "There will probably be some angry people."

There's also the matter of that new album, the follow-up to their breakthrough 2009 effort, Grand. To hear M&K tell it, they're "very much in the home stretch" of things, and the album is "theoretically" due this fall. About the only thing standing in their way at this point seems to be coming up with a suitable title for the disc, a process that is proving to be more complicated than they could ever have imagined.

"We've been struggling on that for a long time. We took a vote yesterday, actually," Johnson admitted. "The first name we definitely wanted to call it was Deluxe, and I think that's a great name, but our distributor said, 'That is the worst possible, most confusing name.' Because we had a self-titled album, so now if we have Matt & Kim Deluxe, it's gonna seem like a deluxe edition of our first album. So it's not going to be called Deluxe anymore, which is a shame, because if we had a deluxe edition of that, we could've called [it] Deluxe Deluxe."

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