Jonas Brothers Challenge Yankees, Kings Of Leon To Baseball Game

Before their Chicago tour kickoff, the guys pick their dream rivals for a Road Dogs game.

CHICAGO — On Friday (August 6), the Jonas Brothers kicked off another Road Dogs season on the eve of their big tour kickoff. They were not only there to pursue their love of all things baseball, but also to shed light on a cause they say needs more attention.

"We're a part of the X the Text campaign with our sponsor Allstate, which is an amazing thing," Kevin Jonas told MTV News only minutes before taking the field. "So many teen drivers and drivers out there have accidents texting while driving, and it's such a [great] thing to bring awareness to this."

While this particular game was for a good cause, the guys had a few suggestions for who they'd like to see on the field at a future Road Dogs game to challenge the brothers, the band and their crew to a game. "The Yankees," Kevin said.

Nick added: "I think it'd be fun. I think the Yankees would be a challenge."

With a professional sports team chosen as a possible contender, the guys also nailed down a band they could see themselves playing against. "Kings of Leon," Kevin said. "We challenge Kings of Leon to a game of softball. That'd be rad. They're some Southern boys. I bet you they play some baseball."

While the guys had a good time on the field, they weren't victorious. "Road Dogs played well," Joe tweeted after the game. "We lost. 14-12 Next time we win."

Nick tweeted that, despite his performance, the guys couldn't sail to victory. "We lost... But we played well. Final score 14-12," he wrote. "We'll get them next time. I hit a home run that was cool!"

Who would you like to see out on the field against the Jonas Brothers? Share your ideas in the comments!

Stay tuned to this weekend for our coverage of the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato's tour kickoff!