Fat Joe Wants To End 50 Cent Beef With Bathroom Brawl

'I would love to be in an airport ... we go in the men's room, best man wins, that's it,' Joe says on MTV's 'RapFix Live.'

Fat Joe and 50 Cent have been throwing jabs at each other on records and in the press for more than five years. Even though half a decade has passed since their beef first erupted, it appears that when it comes to the NYC MCs, some things never change.

Earlier this week, the ever-combative 50 Cent sent out a viral video crackin' on the album sales of Joey Crack's recent release, The Darkside, Vol. 1. When a Fat Joe fan broached the subject via Twitter during the Bronx rapper's appearance on

"RapFix Live" on Friday (August 6), Joe responded that 50's swipes were way off the mark.

"There's nothing I really believe about 50 Cent," Joe told MTV News' Sway. The Terror Squad MC said 50's infamous claims about Joe's lack of influence on the international hip-hop scene were untrue.

"When he did that first interview dissing Fat Joe with you [Sway], with the candlelights and all that, he lied," Joe said. "When he said no one knows Fat Joe in Africa, I saw that interview from Africa and I had 70,000 people out there. There isn't a country I ain't touch in Africa. I just came back from South of France, I toured China, Japan, wherever you name, 60,000 people come out to see Fat Joe."

Fat Joe, who has been making noise as a respected MC since the '90s, said 50 should focus on sustaining a long-term hip-hop career. "I been in the game 16 years. He gotta try having longevity in this game," Joe said, adding that 50's once-robust album numbers have fallen off in recent years.

"You talk about album sales — he went from selling 10 million albums to not even going gold this last album. So, he lost nine-and-a-half-million fans in four years. I don't really trip off him," Joe said.

Crack dubbed himself "an ambassador for peace" in hip-hop, a title earned he said as a result of his amicable relationships with many MCs and typically beef-averse approach to making records. 50, on the other hand, goes after anyone who does it big in NYC rap, Joe said.

"The latest one he's going at: Puff Daddy. He has beef with Jadakiss, he has beef with Cam'ron. Anybody we consider dope in New York, he has went at them. There ain't nobody he ain't touch," Joe said. "Fat Joe ain't out here trying to battle-rap everybody in the world. That's not what I'm about. What I am is a man, and when you disrespect my family and you disrespect me like that, there's gotta be answers to the questions."

Joe admitted that while he's all about keeping the peace, he's open to deading the years-long drama between him and Fif — with a man-to-man confrontation.

"The day 50 Cent want to lock up with me in a bathroom and do this like men, we can hug each other and keep it moving the day after that," Joe said. The MC later mused, "I would love to be in an airport, we bump into each other, we go in the men's room, best man wins, that's it."

Joey also cleared up rumors about some unrelated drama that recently went down in the NYC hip-hop scene. The night before his "RapFix Live" appearance, Joe hit the stage at legendary spinner Funkmaster Flex's bash at Manhattan's Webster Hall, where he brought underground MC French Montana onstage. Later, video of what appeared to be Harlem's Jim Jones and his crew throwing ice at French, hit the Web. Hip-hop fans have been rumbling about the footage, which suggests that Jones was taking out his anger toward former Dipset associate Max B on French, who is cool with the jailed rapper.

"They was throwing it at each other, be clear on that. Once again, Fat Joe, ambassador for peace in hip-hop. This kid French Montana is killing the streets; all the young boys love him to death. French is like, 'Yo, Joe, let me come out, introduce me.' So I introduce him, the crowd is going crazy and then they start throwing stuff at each other. I understand Jimmy's point of view. French used to be cool with Max B and they disrespected [Jim Jones'] wife and family," Joe said. "I tried to bring peace towards that but who knows where that'll go."

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