Perez Hilton Predicts Greatness From Lady Gaga At Lollapalooza

'It's a full-circle moment for her,' gossip blogger and Gaga superfan told MTV News.

CHICAGO — Three years ago, Lady Gaga performed an afternoon set at Lollapalooza as a disco-ball-wearing, brunette-haired dance-pop oddity.

On Friday night (August 6), she'll headline as perhaps the biggest pop star on the planet. Obviously, a lot has changed in those three years, but through it all, one thing hasn't: the undying support of her superfans, including Perez Hilton.

"It's a full-circle moment for her," Hilton told MTV News. "I still remember three years ago she performed ... I had no idea who she was, but soon after, I started paying attention. And shortly after, the world started paying attention."

And in the years since, Hilton has become more than just a fan — he's now good friends with Gaga, too. So, with her sure-to-be epic headlining set just hours away, we asked Hilton if he had any inside scoop on what fans can expect.

And, of course, he did.

"I have spoken to Gaga, and I told her I ran into some of her Little Monsters ... and they told me that their friends had been camping out since Wednesday, and she doesn't go on until Friday. That's devotion," he said. "[So] maybe she'll do some of those songs she did three years ago, like 'Dirty Ice Cream,' that her hard-core fans know but mainstream audiences don't.

"[And] I hope she performs a new song. She's been writing a lot, and tweeting about all these new songs she's been doing," he continued. "In fact, she just wrote a new song about Prop 8. And I think it would be amazing if she performed it tonight at Lollapalooza."

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