Demi Lovato Reveals Road Rituals Before Jonas Brothers Tour Kickoff

'I like to do things that'll change it up,' she tells MTV News of exploring cities during 'Camp Rock 2' Tour.

CHICAGO — With just two days until [artist id="3079280"]Demi Lovato[/artist] launches a tour with her "Camp Rock 2" friends the [artist id="2088128"]Jonas Brothers[/artist] there isn't much time left for her to have fun in Chicago, the first stop on their tour. But the singer said that when she gets into a city for a performance, she definitely has a few things she must do.

"Well, sometimes there's little errands, and sometimes I like to go shopping," she told MTV News between rehearsals for Saturday night's show at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre. "[I try to] make it a little bit more exciting when I go into a city rather than just go into a city, go into the hotel, playing a show, get back on the bus.

"So I like to do things that'll change it up," she said. "But I have my favorite places in some cities."

It's easy for Lovato to find her favorite places in L.A., where she lives and occasionally finds herself stopping on tour.

"I stay home and spend a lot of time with my family," she said. "I go to Pinkberry [for frozen yogurt], and I just kind of get excited doing my own thing."

So back to the shopping: Does Lovato like to explore, or does she embrace her old standbys?

"I'm a big shopper," she said. "Given the amount of time that I have, I go to my favorite stores first, but then if I have time and I see a cute boutique store, I'll go there."

What should Demi do with her downtime in Chicago? Will you be checking out her tour with the JoBros? Let us know in the comments!

Stay tuned to this weekend for our coverage of the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato's tour kickoff!