'Jersey Shore': Gym, Tan ... Gelato!

Cast goes to work at a South Beach gelato cafe for show's second season.

Last season on "Jersey Shore," the tanned and terrific kids spent their downtime in Seaside Heights working at a T-shirt shop on the boardwalk. Now both the Situation and JWoww are launching their own clothing lines.

Might any of the "Shore" crew get into the dessert business soon? Because on the hit reality show's second season, the cast goes to work at a gelato joint in Miami's South Beach. The place is called Lecca Lecca Gelato Caffé, and it's owned by a genial Italian-American man named Enzo Biondi, who shared some of his memories of toiling alongside Sitch, Snooki and the rest of their pals.

"Vinny was very good in the morning," he told MTV News. "In the morning time, most of them were tired from partying in the nighttime. Sammi was good. Ronnie was very good. Clean up and set up the terrace outside. In the nighttime, the manager was the Situation guy, Mike."

The task of luring in bikini-clad customers for some tiramisu- or pistachio-flavored treats was left to none other than DJ Pauly D. "Pauly was the one bringing the girls from outside to inside," Biondi said.

Snooki — she of the diminutive stature and oversize poof — had a bit of trouble tackling the task at hand for a while. "Snooki, she was very funny, because actually she couldn't serve the gelato," he laughed. "She was a little small to get inside the display and serve the customer."

Ever the enterprising businessman, Biondi provided Snickers with a step ladder that allowed her to reach into the display case and start scooping. Not that she always put her work duties above other priorities.

"One time I found Snooki, she was sleeping under the counter," he said.

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