Lady Gaga Nude On 'Vanity Fair' Cover

Pop megastar addresses controversial appearances at Citi Field and Yankee Stadium in mag's September issue.

She may grace the cover of the style issue of

target="_blank">Vanity Fair, but it's [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist]'s lack of clothes, again, that will have fans buzzing. Gaga appears on the cover of the magazine's September issue, which arrives on newsstands Wednesday, wearing little more than a long gray wig, a diamond choker and a smirk.

The text next to the cover shot of Gaga, who is making a peace sign in the photo, asks: "Naked came the world's #1 pop star. Who is she? Why is she? Should you worry?" She was photographed by Nick Knight, who has shot fashion campaigns for the likes of Christian Dior and the late Alexander McQueen, and styled by Nicola Formichetti, who also handled stylist duties for the "Alejandro" video.

In the attached story, penned by


Fair contributing editor Lisa Robinson, Gaga opened up about flipping the bird at Citi Field and crashing the clubhouse at Yankee Stadium earlier this summer. "I want to go to things like ballgames, but when I go to the ballgame, they're going to write the story that will sell papers," she said. "Look, I'm not an idiot — I recognize that I'm a public figure and I'm going to be recognized if I'm wearing a bikini or a potato sack."

She also noted that she was inebriated while engaging in these antics.

"Of course I got drunk at Yankee Stadium," she said, adding that she let out her "true New York 24-year-old Italian girl" and "slutty Italian girl" that night. But she still makes no apologies for it.

"Why would I rub my t--s in front of Yankees?" she said. "I'm not interested in dating any ballplayers."

She's confident that her fans will stick with her and not be distracted by what the tabloids report. "My real fans know who I truly am," she explained, "and they know what I represent and what I mean, and my music and my performance is what really speaks."