Katy Perry Posts 'Teenage Dream' Teaser Video

Clip will premiere 'in the next couple of weeks,' label says.

Katy Perry knows you can't wait to see her "Teenage Dream" music video. So to help tide you over until its eventual premiere — which, according to her label, Capitol, will occur sometime in "the next couple of weeks" — she's giving you a sneak peek at the clip right now on YouTube.

The "Teenage Dream" teaser clip is made entirely of photos taken from the set of the video, and it only further confirms what we already know about the thing: mainly, that it's going to be very hot, and feature very little clothing.

It opens with a glamour shot of Perry riding shotgun in a vintage convertible — hair perfectly tousled, the California hills rolling by in the background — but then quickly segues to a series of photos that show the singer and her beefy love interest (reportedly actor Josh Kloss) romping, embracing and making out on the beach. Perry is wearing a black bikini top and skin-tight jeans (hey, just like the lyrics!), and Kloss is in nothing but his jeans.

There are also photos of a rather raucous beach party — featuring Perry, Kloss and a host of revelers in bikinis, skimpy shorts and all manner of undress — a road-trip sequence, and another party, this one taking place at night (and aided by what appear to be roadside flares). Perry also included the lyrics to "Dream" in the clip, which are animated and colorful and sort of make the whole thing look like a really high-budget tribute video.

Earlier this month, Perry tweeted that she had just completed work on the video, which was directed by Yoann Lemoine — who's done clips for Moby and the Mystery Jets, to name just a few — and features a cast of "all [her] friends."