Nicolas Cage ‘Excited’ To Get Started On ‘Ghost Rider’ Sequel

The 'Drive Angry 3D' star is looking forward to working with 'brilliant' directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.

SAN DIEGO — Nicolas Cage seems to have an infatuation
with the devil. His forthcoming film “Drive Angry 3D” involves him
escaping from hell, and he tangled with Mephistopheles in the 2007
film “Ghost Rider.” He was more than willing to chat with MTV News
about the upcoming “Ghost Rider” sequel, even though the movie is in
its very early stages.

“I’m going to have a meeting with [directors Mark Neveldine and Brian
Taylor] in the next few days. I’m excited to talk with them about it,”
he said. “I’m very hopeful that with their enthusiasm and energy, this
will be an exciting movie as well.”

Cage said he’s looking forward to seeing how Neveldine and Taylor, who
are best known for their work with the “Crank” films, plan to put
their stamp on the film, which is tentatively titled “Ghost Rider:
Spirit of Vengeance.”

“My excitement about them is they’re brilliant with the camera,” he
said. “They make movies look new. They have a way with camera that is
unquestionably unique and a signature for them. I think that kind of
energy for this style of film will take it to the next level.”

He added that the film is slated to be shot in Romania, which happens
to be the country where Dracula’s castle is located. Although there
aren’t any plans to film at the castle yet, Cage said he hoped there
would be a scene where the Ghost Rider drives his motorcycle up to its

Earlier this month, Cage hinted that
the Ghost Rider character would evolve
in the sequel. “It’s a
different trajectory,” he said, “but it’s still the same guy. That’s
all I can talk about!”

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