Comic-Con Live Stream Kicks Off With Bruce Willis, Seth Rogen, More

MTV News and MySpace also brought you live chats with Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo and Karl Urban.

SAN DIEGO — Comic-Con coverage kicked off in full force Thursday (July 22) as the MTV News team attended the hottest panels and spoke with the biggest stars. One of the major highlights was our live-stream broadcast with MySpace, in which we received such illustrious guests as Bruce Willis, Karl Urban, Seth Rogen, Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo.

Willis and Urban were on hand to talk about their movie "Red," the star-studded live-action adaptation of Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner's 2003 comic series. At one point during the interview, Willis and Urban got into an in-depth conversation about how many bodies pile up in the film (they couldn't agree on a number). Willis also talked a bit about "Die Hard 5", while Urban expressed enthusiasm about being considered for the lead in the new "Judge Dredd" film.

Comic book fan (and now comic book movie star) Seth Rogen was full of energy and excitement when he stopped by to discuss "Green Hornet." Asked whether the film really was as difficult to pull together as it seemed form the outside, Rogen seemed to imply that, indeed, it was — but the cast and filmmaking team pulled together to make it happen.

"Yeah, it was exponentially more difficult, but the fact that we all hung in there and kept working on it is a testament to the fact that we really like it and that ultimately we all kept thinking it was worthwhile and the idea was good enough to keep plowing forward with," he said.

Last but not least, MTV News and MySpace welcomed "Machete" director Robert Rodriguez and star Danny Trejo to talk about the film that started as a "fake" trailer in Rodriguez's "Grindhouse" segment. The director mentioned that he felt he had to write the film backward in a sense, in order to incorporate all the footage from the trailer and have it make sense in a full-length feature. Another highlight was Rodriguez giving an update on his upcoming projects, which might include the "Deadpool" movie.

And this is just day one! Check back Friday at 3 p.m. ET/ noon PT for another Comic-Con live stream.

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