Busta Rhymes Is 'Indecisive' About The Chemo Album Title

'The album is pretty much at the 85, 90 percent mark,' rapper says of upcoming LP.

[artist id="1043"]Busta Rhymes[/artist] is sure about the music. He's just not sure about the album title. The New York veteran has the heater "Stop the Party" with Swizz Beatz out right now; he just dropped the remix featuring Ghostface, T.I., Cam'ron and DMX; and a video directed by Hype Williams is on the way. Both are from his upcoming LP, which he was going to call The Chemo, but now he's having second thoughts.

"To be honest with you, to clear it up, I haven't given the album title a title yet," he explained to MTV News recently. "I think what's creating the back and forth is that I officially had the name of the album as The Chemo, but the selected few ears that I trust that have come in the studio, that heard the [new] album, they have been declaring that's it's developing into something that's feeling like what Extinction Level Event felt like. I thought that was an unbelievable honor to hear that coming from the opinions of the ears that I trust and respect. As artists, you wanna, make sure the co-sign is a never ending co-sign, whenever you're at a point that you're ready to share your music or your body of work with the ears that you trust. It felt good to hear that.

"For me, I still was leaning towards The Chemo," he added. "But the way I'm getting beat up about it, I'm now at an indecisive place. We always try to appease and cater to what the demand is, what the people want. I'm still working. The album is pretty much at the 85, 90 percent mark. Between now and the next three to four weeks, we're gonna be able to give some confirmation on what it's gonna be. Stay tuned."

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