'Avatar' Sex Scene Might Be In Extended Film, Sam Worthington Hints

'There's a sex scene that everyone keeps talking about, which is going to be unique,' Worthington says, laughing.

While it's not entirely clear what will be included in the extended version of "Avatar" slated for release on August 27, the film's star, Sam Worthington, hinted at what could be in the film's extra eight minutes during a press day for Full Clip Productions, the comic book imprint Worthington launched with his partners John Schwarz and Michael Schwarz at Radical Studios.

"There were several different hunts that the characters go on," Worthington told MTV. "There's a sex scene that everyone keeps talking about, which is going to be unique," he added, laughing. "But there's a lot of other stuff to do with the Na'vi, and then there's also a lot of live-action stuff as well."

Since it became the biggest movie of all time, James Cameron has been largely mum on details about a follow-up to his 2009 blockbuster "Avatar," probably due less to secrecy than the long gaps between his projects. In the meantime, Fox announced earlier this week that it will re-release the film in theaters with eight new minutes of footage.

Although the running time of the original cut of the film was well over two hours, Worthington indicated that any excised footage was removed because it was already long enough, and Cameron didn't want to push the audience's patience too far. "That [material] got taken out because of time constraints, and at the time, not knowing if the movie was going to be successful or not."

It remains to be seen how much more of "Avatar" audiences will want to see, at least in theaters. And although Cameron hasn't volunteered more than vague details about sequels, it will be interesting to see how quickly even its most fervent fans will move on to thoughts of a follow-up. But Worthington indicated that if the director wanted to release more versions that are eight minutes longer than the last one, he could probably do so for years to come without exhausting his yet-unseen supply.

"I think he's got another eight hours of footage, to be honest with you," Worthington said. "So I'll be surprised to see what the eight minutes is."

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