Swizz Beatz Is Making 'Musical Moments' For Nicki Minaj's Debut

'The Swizzy and Nicki collaboration, there's kinda no words for it,' he tells MTV News.

NEW ORLEANS — [artist id="3055069"]Nicki Minaj[/artist] is the kind of artist [artist id="1161216"]Swizz Beatz[/artist] loves to work with. The Young Money leading lady is open to all ideas, but, as Swizz said, she also knows the direction she wants to go in.

"The Swizzy and Nicki collaboration, there's kinda no words for it," he said over the weekend at the Essence Music Festival about working on Minaj's debut LP. "Another thing about her that I love and respect, she's a student. She's a respectable student. She's willing to learn and take it to the next level. So that means, once again, my launch pad in working with her is clear. There's no blockage in what we can do on the creative tip. It's a blank canvas. We respect each other. I respect her, she respects me, and she trusts my judgment. We have a lot of small conversations that end up [turning] into big musical moments. When you hear Nicki on my track, you're gonna see that 'Wow, she just went from here to there.' I'm happy to be a part of that."

We all know Swizz likes to create the choruses for many of the songs he produces, such as Jay-Z's "On to the Next One" and T.I.'s "Swing Ya Rags," but when it came to the Young Money queen's hooks, he deferred to Minaj.

"As far as Nicki, she's an amazing writer," Swizz said. "She wrote her own choruses, and she's doing some amazing things on the choruses. The third song, the last song [we recorded together], is the only song I did the chorus on, and she might even switch that. ... I'm not really trying to be on every chorus like that no more. They're fun. There's some selective choruses I just love to be on. Being on [Drake's] 'Fancy' was a different tone for me. It's not like [Busta Rhymes'] 'Stop the Party,' which I was I kinda cutting back from, but I liked the way it feels. I need that authentic club Swizz out there. But a lot of my new movements, I'm kinda laid back, like 'Fancy.' I'm just on a whole different swag and unexpected sounds."

Besides Nicki, Swizz has more production for Busta, Trey Songz and T.I. coming soon.

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