M.I.A.'s New Album Is 'A Turd,' Diplo Tweets

But websites who take that comment seriously are 'trippin',' producer says.

When MTV News spoke to Diplo way back in March, he told us that [artist id="1803648"]M.I.A.[/artist]'s new album was going to be "heavy" and "weird." Turns out, he also thinks it's "a turd."

That's according to Dip himself, who was asked by a fan via Twitter on Wednesday about why, at the end of the track "Tell Me Why" "does it sound like a toilet just flushed ...?"

"Cuz rest of [the] album is a turd," he tweeted back.

Of course, his response quickly made the rounds on the Internet, ending up on seemingly disparate sites like Oh No They Didn't and Pitchfork. Diplo then spent the rest of the day tweeting that the sites in question were "trippin'." "I think when there are no Wavves vs. Crystal Castles 12"s or open [letters] from Conor Oberst and Gucci Mane, @pitchforkmedia has 2 reach a lil 4 news."

But whether or not he was just kidding around when he called M.I.A.'s /\/\/\Y/\ a "turd," Diplo has had a rather interesting relationship with the album. Last month, he tweeted that his own "3 trax are slammin'" but that the rest of the record — which was produced mainly by Rusko, Blaqstarr and Switch — "sounds like Skinny Puppy and gives me nightmares." He also added a pair of sad-face emoticons to further illustrate his point.

And back in May, in the now-infamous New York Times Magazine feature on M.I.A., he told reporter Lynn Hirschberg that "for me, making this record wasn't easy. In the past, we were a team. But Maya wanted to show us how much she didn't need us. In the end, Maya is postmodern; she can't really make music or art that well, but she's better than anyone at putting crazy ideas into motion. She knows how to manipulate, how to withhold, how to get what she wants."

A rep for Diplo had not responded to an MTV News e-mail requesting comment at press time.

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