Lindsay Lohan's 'Inferno' Role: Adult-Film Stars Weigh In

'Lindsay will really be able to tap into Linda Lovelace because they might have a lot of things in common,' Jesse Jane tells MTV News.

While many movie studios have distanced themselves from Lindsay Lohan, the creative minds behind one project were eagerly working with her. Lohan was set to star in "Inferno," a film chronicling the life of '70s porn icon Linda Lovelace, and director Matthew Wilder has bashed the actress' 90-day sentence.

But what does the billion-dollar porn industry think about Lohan's embrace of one of their own? Before her sentencing, MTV News spoke to various figures in the adult-entertainment world to get an insider's view on Lohan's latest Hollywood exploits.

Like Lohan, Lovelace courted controversy and faced an unraveling career, volatile breakups and drug convictions. And according to "Pirates" superstar Jesse Jane, that's precisely why the troubled actress is right for the role.

"The thing is, no one big in Hollywood would play [Lovelace] because it has to do with porn. That's a taboo thing for actresses," Jane said. "Lindsay, I think, will really be able to tap into Linda Lovelace because they might have a lot of things in common."

Both Jane and fellow star Chanel Preston agree that the movie will give Lohan the career bump she needs. "If she is able to play Linda well," Preston said, "then I think people will really respect that she possibly used her own troubles to accurately portray an American icon."

Hollywood has rarely flirted with its steamier colleagues, with the Oscar-nominated "The People vs. Larry Flint" and "Boogie Nights" being the chief exceptions. "Inferno" producers are hoping they can tap into the same vein by telling the tortured tale of Linda Lovelace, whose breakout movie "Deep Throat" catapulted adult films into the mainstream consciousness. Both Jane and Preston agree that the story is ripe for gripping storytelling.

" 'Deep Throat' was such a huge movie and probably still the most talked-about [adult film] of all time, and starring in that really made her career," Jane said of Lovelace. "I love that she was very open about liking porn and didn't care about what people thought about it or her. That says a lot about her character, and I respect that."

Whether "Inferno" can move forward with Lohan remains in question, but she can count on the support of the adult-film community that she hopes to portray.

"Maybe this will give Lindsay an opportunity to play a role that she relates to and hopefully that will, in turn, make for a great movie," Preston said.

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