Lady Gaga Surpasses President Obama In Facebook Fans

Fame singer will be first living person to pass 10 million mark on the social-networking site.

President Obama, Starbucks, "House," "Twilight" and "South Park." What do all of these things have in common? As of Friday, they all had fewer Facebook fans than [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist].

According to the British social-network statistics site, Gaga is on the verge of becoming the first living person to roll up 10 million Facebook fans. As of press time on Friday (July 2), she surpassed the only other living person on the list who had exceeded her tally: President Obama. Gaga's fan count reached 9,940,462 to the leader of the free world's 9,444,942. She also continues to spank Obama in Twitter followers (4,762,938 to 4,422,923) and YouTube subscribers (311,716 to 191,562).

The singer, who never misses a chance to shout out her rabid fanbase of "little monsters," is also miles ahead of other living celebs on the list when it comes to Facebook followers, including Britney Spears (3.1 million), Ashton Kutcher (3.6 million), Taylor Swift (5.8 million), Selena Gomez (5.2 million) and even Justin Bieber (5.9 million). But she still can't hold a candle to the King of Pop. Among musical acts, only the late Michael Jackson's Facebook fans list is more massive than Gaga's.

As of press time, the only other Facebook pages to top Gaga's were for Texas Hold 'Em Poker (20 million), Jackson (14.1 million), the online game "Mafia Wars" (12.7 million), "Family Guy" (10.1 million) and Facebook itself (10.7 million). Other entities that are surprisingly further down on the friends count list than Gaga?: "Twilight" (7.1 million), "South Park" (6.5 million), Coke (6.1 million), Lil Wayne (5.9 million) and, yes, Skittles candy (5.5 million).

Gaga's upsurge this week on Facebook might have something to do with her cover story in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, in which she provides the most intriguing peek yet into her closely guarded private life. In addition to the bombshell interview with former Afghan war General Stanley McChrystal, the Gaga feature has helped to propel the magazine's newsstand sales to twice what it usually does.

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