Maroon 5 Take You Through 'Misery' Video, Frame By Frame

'They probably weren't too happy because they had to dress like us,' Adam Levine says of video's stuntmen.

In Maroon 5's "Misery" video, the bandmates are stabbed, shot, smacked around, set ablaze, blown up, tossed off buildings and run over by cars ... among other calamities. Needless to say, there were stuntmen involved.

"I did a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff is me!" frontman Adam Levine insisted. "But most of it wasn't very dangerous. Although, by the end of the day, even not being hit by things is such a physical thing that I was really kind of beat up ... I was like, 'Man, even thinking I got my ass kicked feels like getting my ass kicked.' "

Yes, the video — directed by Joseph Kahn, whose credits include clips for the 50s, Britneys and Ems of the world — certainly packs a wallop, full of sex and violence, nifty special effects, gunplay, knife fights and even a wayward rocket launcher. So of course, ever since it debuted Thursday on, we've been watching it nonstop.

Lucky for us, the guys from Maroon 5 just happened to swing by the MTV Newsroom the same day the clip premiered, and they were nice enough to give us the inside scoop on the video — Violent girlfriends! Censorship! Burly stuntmen in tight-fitting jeans! — for a segment we like to call Frame by Frame.

"I'll tell you a little secret ... the stuntmen were so great, but they probably weren't too happy because they had to dress like us [for the video], which was hilarious, because we aren't the most masculine dressers," Levine laughed. "This dude who was [keyboardist] Jesse [Carmichael]'s stunt double was, like, really buff, and he has Jesse's little low-top Converse and skinny jeans on. The shoes were, like, falling off his massive ankles."

Yeah, there was a whole lot of that going on. In fact, the entire Frame by Frame is pretty amazing to watch, because if you think the stuff that made it into the "Misery" video was outrageous, you should've seen what happened behind the scenes. Or better yet, have the M5 gents tell you all about it. Trust us, it's worth it.

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