Justin Bieber Vs. 'Twilight': Fans Weigh In!

My World 2.0 singer is 'hotter' than 'Eclipse' stars, and 'his music would save the world,' one fan says.

It's a question for the ages, and teen girls don't take it lightly. If there could be only one, which would you choose: Justin Bieber or "Twilight"? Days before vampire frenzy spread on Wednesday (June 30) with the opening of "Eclipse," MTV News traveled to Hartford, Connecticut, to catch the teen singer's My World Tour kickoff, where we asked fans there to weigh in on the epic battle of Bieber vs. "Twilight."

One of the two pop-culture phenomena had to come out a winner, and Justin Bieber's fans made their case, with the pop star coming out the clear champ.

"He is amazing," Britney told MTV News, arguing that Bieber's famous head of hair is so much better than Pattinson's equally famous coif. "It's just gorgeous."

In addition to having that sugary-sweet voice, the girls had other important reasons for loving Bieber over the "Twilight Saga," one of them being 24-year-old Pattinson's age. "[Justin's] amazing! He's just amazing. Yes [he wins]. He's more our age and Robert Pattinson is just older, so obviously, Justin Bieber," Amanda said. Her pal, Nicky, agreed saying, "He's our age."

Another fan, Rihanna, said, "He sings better. He's a lot cuter ... and he's our age."

Apart from the age factor, the girls decided that Bieber wins hands-down because of his pop-star status.

"He's the one that I worship," Christina gushed. "His music is amazing — it would save the world." Micaela added, "He's freakin' amazing! Taylor Lautner does not sing, neither does Edward, and they're not even that hot as Justin Bieber."

Oh yeah, did they mention he's hot? Or, as Lexi put it: "He's really hot!" Ashley said it was "because he's a singer. He has a really good voice." And, of course, she said, he's "cute!"

If you had to pick between "Twilight" and the Bieb, which would it be? Tell us in the comments!

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