All Time Low, Third Eye Blind Frontmen Bond At Bamboozle

'I was nervous when you guys first joined on,' ATL's Alex Gaskarth tells Stephan Jenkins. 'I'm a fan.'

The eclectic traveling carnival that is the Bamboozle Roadshow came to an end over the weekend in Boston, but the "bro"-bonds that were formed on tour will go on. MTV News followed the action all week, catching up with all of the acts, from pop-punkers Boys Like Girls and Good Charlotte to electro-funksters LMFAO and 3OH!3.

While the acts were diverse, one common theme among the musicians was their near-unanimous tendency to geek out over fellow headliners Third Eye Blind, with many calling the band one of the biggest influences on the current generation of rock groups.

On the penultimate tour stop, at New York's Nassau Coliseum, we caught up with All Time Low singer Alex Gaskarth and listened in on his talk with one of his musical idols, Third Eye Blind frontman Stephan Jenkins. It turns out the two were not only fans of one another, but also formed a newfound friendship.

"A couple days [into the tour], I saw you guys play, and you guys are like this ongoing sea of energy," Jenkins told Gaskarth. "That, and you guys have the best banter, because what you do every night it's so changed up ... it's really authentic."

Gaskarth repaid the compliment, recounting how nearly every night on the Bamboozle fest, everyone met up by the stage to catch a glimpse of Third Eye Blind's set. On a few dates, Gaskarth was even lucky enough to join the band onstage for a performance of their mega-hit "Jumper."

"I think that was the craziest thing about when you guys actually did join on the tour — one of the big things was we're a different generation of bands — a lot of us were nervous," Gaskarth admitted. "I can say I was nervous when you guys first joined on," he added. "I'm a fan. It's always like kicking down that wall of 'do I approach?' "

With the Roadshow over, both bands are keeping busy. Third Eye Blind plan to record a new album, while All Time Low will be on the road through 2010.

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