Lil Wayne, Drake, Gucci Mane Get Personal In DJ Scoob Doo's 'Entourage' DVD

DVD shows Gucc shooting scenes for 'Steady Mobbin' ' video, which will be featured on 'Nino Brown Story, Pt. 3.'

Vincent Chase and Turtle can keep chasing girls in Hollywood. DJ Scoob Doo has his own crew of industry bigwigs he's getting paper with in the upcoming DVD "Entourage: Fetti Holmes Edition."

"It's the teaser for the 'Nino Brown Story, Pt. 3' that's arriving this summer," Scoob told MTV News last week. "We don't have a date for that, but 'Entourage' is gonna help you wait for the 'Nino Brown 3' DVD."

The DVD features intimate segments with Jadakiss, the Birdman, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane and Drake.

"You're gonna see a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff with Drake," Scoob said of one portion of the DVD. "A lot of interaction with Lil Wayne. This is your front-row seat to what goes on in the game, kind of like what ESPN shows behind the sports or the 'Entourage' show on HBO shows behind the scenes of the movie industry; this 'Entourage' shows the behind the scenes in the hip-hop world. This is no acting going on.

"I chose the title of 'Entourage' because this is — in my opinion — the heavy hitters of the game. It happens that I have personal relationships with them. It made sense not to sit on the footage, not to sit on the exclusive content. A lot of people are waiting for that 'Nino Brown Story' with Lil Wayne. But this is something you can watch to keep you in suspense and satisfy that hunger."

One of the highlights of the DVD shows Gucci Mane shooting scenes for the upcoming "Steady Mobbin' " music video; that video will be featured on "Nino Brown Story, Pt. 3."

"Hooking up with Gucci Mane fresh out of jail for the 'Entourage' DVD and the 'Steady Mobbin' ' video was historic," the DJ/ video director said. "Gucci Mane has frenzy control around him. He has a lot of fans out there. Gucci is a star that's about to be a shooting star. So it's an honor for me to catch it while it's turning into something different. I heard Miley Cyrus shouting out Gucci Mane. Gucci's hot right now. We linked up on a Sunday on Memorial Day weekend in Miami. Gucci was already doing all his Miami stuff, Memorial Day stuff. He was winning in Miami. We had to take it to the next level with that 'Steady Mobbin' ' video. We started it in Miami, historic. He had the Bumble Bee Ferrari. The Ferrari is incredible. We took it to Atlanta to finish the 'Steady Mobbin' ' video. Gucci is introducing the 'Steady Mobbin' ' video for the people, and it's a historic event right here."

Wayne shot his part for "Steady Mobbin' " — a single from the We Are Young Money LP — at his five-story mansion in Miami earlier this year about two hours before he boarded a private jet to start his prison sentence, while Gucci was already behind bars. Gucci, now out of prison, filmed his scenes last month. "Entourage: Fetti Holmes Edition" comes out this week.

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