Taylor Lautner Compares His 'Twilight' Directors

'Our directors are so different from one another,' he says of Catherine Hardwicke, Chris Weitz, David Slade and Bill Condon.

Catherine Hardwicke gave him his big break. Chris Weitz made him a star. David Slade inherited a Hollywood veteran. And Bill Condon will help cement his legacy.

Yes, it's been quite a journey for Taylor Lautner, from his beginnings in Hardwicke's "Twilight" to his emergence as the third point in the franchise's smoldering teen love triangle during Weitz's "New Moon." On Wednesday, Slade's "Eclipse" gives us a Lautner who has become Hollywood's go-to guy for young action roles. Then in the fall, he'll join up with Condon to bring "Breaking Dawn" to the big screen and the vampire series to a close.

Given the craziness and good fortune of the past few years, Lautner can't pick which of these directors is his favorite. He will go so far as to say "Eclipse" is his favorite flick of the three thus far, but he has nothing except kind words for all the folks who have sat in the director's chair on a "Twilight" movie.

"The funny thing is, our directors are so different from one another," Lautner told MTV News. "I didn't have the opportunity to work with Catherine that much, but she was amazing. She's very smart and so creative."

Back in November, Lautner called Weitz's directorial style "flawless," and months later, his opinion of the man has not changed. "Chris was phenomenal — his sensibility. He's so sensitive," the 18-year-old said. "It really matched 'New Moon' 's feel."

And while Lautner has fond feelings for that film, "Eclipse" is his favorite, if only because it has the most action. "David brought his darker, cooler, more dangerous feel to 'Eclipse,' which was awesome," Lautner said.

Finally, there are the two parts of "Breaking Dawn," which will begin filming in the fall. Lautner hasn't yet had a chance to sit down with Condon to talk about the series, but he can't wait for the opportunity.

"I met him briefly," Lautner said. "Very quickly. Not about 'Breaking Dawn.' He seems like a very nice guy. Obviously ridiculously talented, so I'm excited I get to work with him twice."

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