T.I. Heading Into The Studio With Timbaland, Swizz Beatz

'We got a few big, big, big sessions coming up next week,' Tip tells MTV News.

[artist id="1225081"]T.I.[/artist] is set to unleash his new album King Uncaged later this summer, and the big homie is making sure that he brings the heat with his latest effort. He's already revealed that he's been in the studio with Lady Gaga, Kid Rock and Eminem, but the King of the South recently told MTV News that he's crafting additional tunes with some hitmakers.

"We got a few big, big, big sessions coming up next week: Timbaland, Swizz Beatz," T.I. told MTV News on Saturday. "I'm trying to show up and show out every time."

Tip also gave a progress update on the album. While he's got dozens of tracks already in the can, he's looking to make his new songs better than ever. "The album is coming along nicely. I've recorded about 85, 90 songs, and I'm still trying to top those records."

Earlier this year Swizz told MTV News that he was looking forward to working with T.I., but that he had to check out Tip's post-jail mindset before getting started on new music for him.

"His mind and his thought pattern before he went [to jail] is gonna be different from when he gets out," Swizzy said. "That man has been in the penitentiary at a time that was the height of his career — he might come out and not wanna use curses no more. He might come out and use more curses. I don't know. I can't create the sound for Tip that's based on 'Swing Ya Rag' and 'Bring Em Out' and all these things we've done unless it's his plan. He's gotta come out, [I] sit down with him, chill how we chill."

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