Drake Drops New Verse On 'Lose My Mind' Remix At BET Awards

Drizzy references Thank Me Later first-week sales in spankin' new verse during performance with Young Jeezy.

Drake wasted no time celebrating his stellar first-week sales, dropping a new verse to Young Jeezy's "Lose My Mind" at the 2010 BET Awards. The Toronto MC was joined by the hip-hop snowman and the duo rocked a version of Jeezy's single. Jeezy rose from a platform beneath the stage during the last portion of Drizzy's set, in a white jacket with buckles, and launched into the first verse of the steely track.

Initially it appeared the superstar MC, who had already won the award for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist earlier in the night, was content to fall back and let Jeezy rock, chiming in here and there. But it wouldn't be Drizzy if he didn't come hard with the lyricism. Jeezy hollered "Remix!" as Drake spit a new verse which referenced the incredible first-week numbers of his debut, Thank Me Later, which dropped on June 15: "You say you like it like that/ I think I like it too/ Half a million in a week/ It's only right I do."

The new verse followed a varied performance from Drizzy, who kicked off his set with a quiet rendition of his Thank Me Later opener, "Fireworks." Then sporting a dark letterman's jacket, Drizzy descended from his platform and launched into an amped-up version of "Over," spitting the lyrics with fiery abandon.

The performance was another highlight in a big night for Drake who was up for three awards and already beat out MCs like Jay-Z and Ludacris for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist. The set also marked a triumphant return to the BET Awards for the MC who was confined to a stool during last year's performance after tearing his ACL

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