Metric Say Having A Song In 'Eclipse' Is 'One Big Wow'

'Eclipse (I'm Yours),' written from Bella's perspective, closes the film.

Metric's Emily Haines wasn't exactly the natural choice to pen the closing number to "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," and not just because she fronts one of the most fiercely independent bands out there. When she was asked to contribute to the flick, she hadn't read a page of Stephenie Meyer's books or seen a second of the first two films.

"I was not aware of anything about the books or the movies," Haines told MTV News at the world premiere of "Eclipse" on Thursday night in Los Angeles. "I don't know where I was the whole time. Maybe in the studio, or on tour? I don't know."

But even though she had, uh, limited knowledge of the series, legendary composer Howard Shore still insisted she work on a song for the film, one that was written from the perspective of heroine Bella Swan. In fact, he seemed to think it was better that she came in without a preconceived notion of Kristen Stewart's character.

"I said that to Howard right away, you know, 'Look, if you're looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of these books, and has watched the films, I'm the wrong person,' " Haines said. "And he said, 'Actually, it's good that you're not, because we want [it written] from the perspective of the character.' ... So, since then, I've learned a little bit more about how Muse plays into the books, and the larger themes. But I think it's good I went into it just looking at the character."

The song Haines ended up contributing to the soundtrack — a tune called "Eclipse (I'm Yours)" — was so strong Shore insisted that it close the film, which is what brought Haines and her Metric mates to the red carpet. And even though they were about to watch the film with an audience for the first time, they weren't the slightest bit nervous. After all, it wasn't like they were about to go play a rock show or something.

"It's easier. There's no equipment to malfunction or anything," Haines laughed. "But anyone who knows the band knows we've had a hilarious adventure over the years, and this is just, like, one big 'Wow.' "