'Twilight' Star Taylor Lautner's Taste In Music Is 'So Wild'

'I am all over the place with my music,' the actor tells MTV News.

When actors talk about getting into character or prepping for scenes, Lee Stasberg's famous "Method" acting — in which performers are instructed to draw upon personal memories and experiences through a series of sense-memory exercises — is often referenced as a popular, classic tool. However, with the advent of pocket-size music players, many seasoned thespians, young and old, have turned to a more modern form of scene-setter: the iPod. When MTV caught up with "Twilight" superstar Taylor Lautner, we wanted to know if he has a preferred method of actor preparation, and if he uses any specific musical stylings help him get into the head of his character, Jacob Black.

"[I don't use music] necessarily to get into character, but my music is so wild," Lautner said. "One second I'll be listening to country and then the next I'll be listening to techno and then R&B," he said. "It's ridiculous. I am all over the place with my music."

And what is on his current playlist?

"Right now is ... I'm really, like, an iTunes guy — whatever is on iTunes I'll give it a shot," Lautner admitted. "My all-time favorite band is U2, so I'm always listening to U2 — that's probably the safest answer, but I like to take risks." Given the fact that two of his "Twilight" co-stars — Robert Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone — are musicians, giving a shout-out to one of their tunes would have also been safe. But speaking of risks, Lautner did reveal a penchant to play a little dance music by a certain Lady every now and again.

"I've got some Gaga on my iPod," he said.

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