Ludacris Says Nicki Minaj And Lil' Kim Should Make A Record Together

Luda insists that a Minaj/Kim collabo would 'kill the entire industry.'

What's a good way for Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj to resolve their issues? Do a collabo, says Ludacris. If the two rap divas put their bewigged heads together and traded rhymes on a song, Luda thinks minds would be blown by the resulting track.

"I think if Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj do a record together it's gonna kill the entire industry," Luda told MTV News. He added that the two femcees should take advantage of the lack of high-profile ladies in the game right now: "You don't have that many women in the industry so the lane is wide open."

The ATL rapper insisted that the two should work on music not only for themselves, but for their fans as well.

"The fact that we have females out there that's going back and forth — and I'm not saying it's either one's fault — I feel like y'all need to come together and squash all this bulls-- and make records together," Luda said. "Because [there's] a lot of women that wanna hear what the hell y'all got to say."

Other MCs have weighed in on the controversy as well. Miami hip-hop queen Trina said the Minaj and Kim drama reflects on all femcees. "This makes us all look bad. There's barely any female artists as is — we don't need this," Trina told MTV News.

50 Cent said that Kim should calm down with the swagger-jacking accusations because there is a lack of female hip-hop artists for Minaj to be inspired by. "It's obvious ... she was inspired by some of Kim's [style]. But that's not bad. There's not a whole lot of female artists that you can make reference to, so you'll see those little influences even stronger," 50 said in an interview with Power 98.3 FM in Phoenix.

Hip-hop vet Rah Digga also said the stars should keep it about the music. "My advice to everybody is just do you," Digga told MTV. "Make your music, don't pay attention to what's going on around you, just do what you do best and let the fans blog it out."

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