Justin Bieber Kicks Off Tour With High-Flying Stunts

Usher appeared onstage in Hartford for a few seconds, but didn't sing.

HARTFORD, Connecticut — Lights went down, glow sticks went up and lots and lots of screaming commenced as a clip of [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] playing video games plays flashed above the stage, before the teen dream finally appeared in person. Dressed in all-white, the teen idol showed off some karate moves, whipping the crowds at the XL Center into a frenzy as he opened with "Love Me." Little did they know that a few high kicks would be the least of his stunts on Wednesday, the opening night of his My World 2.0 summer tour.

Bieber made his way to center stage to sing "Bigger." He demonstrated his pop-and-lock skills before asking the crowd, "What's up? We do it all for you guys!"

He then slowed it down a bit, using his sugary-sweet R&B-tinged voice for "U Smile." For "Runaway Love" he did some chair choreography reminiscent of the Backstreet Boys' "As Long as You Love Me" video.

"I'm feeling real good, how about you all?" he asked. "I see a lot of beautiful girls out there." In order to see those ladies better, Bieber broke out his acoustic guitar as he sat in a heart-shaped cage that was lifted above the crowd. He played "Never Let You Go" while suspended in the air, followed by "Favorite Girl."

He then got to what has become a favorite (if envy-producing) moment in his shows. "The one thing I do when I get to every city is find one less lonely girl," he told the room before bringing a lucky fan onto the stage, giving her roses and singing "One Less Lonely Girl."

For his next stunt, during "Somebody to Love," Bieber and his dancers took to the air and Bieber pretended to climb the side of a building and spray-paint it.

He slowed down the pace a bit for "Overboard," which features opening act Jessica Jarrell. The girls went crazy when they held hands for part of it. He asked the ladies, "Isn't she amazing? You guys are amazing."

Part of the night belonged to Legacy, Bieber's YouTube-discovered backup singers, who performed an a cappella version of radio hits including Usher's "OMG" and Train's "Hey Soul Sister."

After leaving the stage, Bieber came out again and treated the crowd to "Up" as he descended from the ceiling in a cage. Following a break, he performed "One Time" and "That Should Be Me." He even sat down at the drums for "Walk This Way."

Then Sean Kingston joined Bieber onstage for their party-ready collabo, "Eenie Meenie." "Down to Earth" was the last song of the set. But to no one's surprise, Bieber returned for an encore.

"I couldn't just leave you guys," he said, before singing "With You" a cappella. Then he gave the girls what they wanted: "Baby."

At the very end, mentor Usher showed up, said a quick "hi" to the fans and retreated backstage. Bieber soon followed and the night came to a close.

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