'Drake: Better Than Good Enough' Premieres Tonight On MTV

Documentary, which follows Drizzy as he records his now-chart-topping debut, airs at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Now that his debut, Thank Me Later, sold nearly half a million copies during its first week of release, Drake will let fans check out his rise to the top in the documentary "Drake: Better Than Good Enough," which airs Wednesday (June 23) at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Drizzy has said that the doc, which follows him in the months before he dropped Thank Me Later, shows the 23-year-old MC during the "most important time of my life." Viewers will witness an array of intimate moments in the star's life as cameras flank the Young Money superstar from the start of his Away From Home Tour and catch him recording his now-chart-topping debut.

"I just want people to walk away ... just feeling a little bit more confident about Drake," Drizzy says in the documentary. "In no way do I want people to be like, 'He's the best. He's the man.' 'Cause I really do have a desire to grow and get better. I do want people to walk away and be like, 'OK. OK.' "

The doc focuses on many aspects of Drizzy's world. Fans will see Drake's backstage pre-show rituals, hear the star break down his unique songwriting process and watch him deal with the stress of the road while going months at a time without seeing his loved ones.

The documentary reveals aspects of Drizzy's life that few have seen, but the mega-star takes the opportunity to be candid about his experiences in the special. "I have always been hesitant to share the details of my life with the world, but for the first time, I am comfortable and confident that you will love this story," Drake told MTV News about "Better Than Good Enough."

Don't miss the "Drake: Better Than Good Enough" documentary, airing tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV!