Miley Cyrus Fans Loved Seeing Her 'Edgier' At Live-Stream Show

'It's really showing her personality break from Disney,' fan says after Can't Be Tamed concert.

Miley Cyrus took over the Internet on Monday night, when MTV live-streamed her live performance of six songs from her new album, Can't Be Tamed. And though the 17-year-old has been showing off her edgier look and sound, the crowd at Los Angeles' House of Blues remain stalwart in their fandom.

Kelly Rindonde, a fan who traveled all the way from Philadelphia for the show, is enjoying the new Cyrus. "She's all grown up," she told MTV News after the show. "She definitely gave us a new side of Miley that was really exciting."

"I like all her new music; it's really a bit edgier," Steven Mango agreed. "It's really showing her personality break from Disney and everything."

Many fans think that her evolution from Disney princess to pop star is indicative that Miley is isn't going anywhere soon — and her performance even drew comparisons to other established legends.

"Her dancing [is] something Michael Jackson would probably be impressed by," Alex Satlan observed.

Tetris Kelly said Cyrus' performance was reminiscent of another contemporary artist, particularly during a cover that wasn't aired in the live stream. "By far my favorite moment of the show tonight was when she did 'I Love Rock 'n Roll,' because, to me, it was a tip off to Britney ... and that's why I like Miley. She's like the new age Britney."

While Miley may be following in Britney's footsteps by sharing onstage kisses with her fellow female and male dancers, other fans were pleasantly surprised that the singer was not completely uninhibited.

"We expected something that was going to be raunchy," Pam Giannino said. "Everybody's been putting the hype up, 'Don't go to this because she's going to be provocative.' It wasn't. It was pretty awesome. She did a really good job."

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