Taylor Lautner Says 'Abduction' Has An 'Amazing' Story

'I love action, but most important is the story,' he tells MTV News of upcoming thriller.

Lily Collins is pretty sure Taylor Lautner, her co-star in "Abduction," will doff his shirt at some point in the film — "which everyone would totally hate, right?" she joked recently with MTV News.

When it comes to the onscreen removal of shirts and the baring of abdominal muscles, of course, Lautner is well-practiced. His "Eclipse" character seems almost allergic to covering his torso, so often does the teen werewolf appear shirtless. For other facets of "Abduction," though, Lautner has needed some practice. That's why he's been hard at work for months in preparation for the summer shoot.

"I've been training," he told MTV News. "I did boxing training for a couple months. Now I'm into the fight training, motorcycle, I think when I get to Pittsburgh, do a little swimming training. It's all around. It's going to be a lot of fun."

In the Jason Bourne-style thriller, Lautner stars as a teen who stumbles upon his baby picture on a missing-persons website. As he reaches out to his birth parents, Lautner finds himself caught up in a world of underground spies and death-defying stunts. Joining him and Collins are Alfred Molina, Sigourney Weaver, Jason Isaacs and Maria Bello.

"Abduction" is just one film in a growing lineup of action-centric roles for Lautner. The 18-year-old has the stunt-heavy "Eclipse" arriving in June, and he has plans for a superhero turn in "Stretch Armstrong" and a stylized thriller in "Cancun."

"I love action, but most important is the story," Lautner said. "And the story behind this action thriller ['Abduction'] is amazing. We got [director] John Singleton behind us. ... I'm so thankful we're getting a cast like that."

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