Megan Fox Hopes She's 'Lucky Enough' To Have A Long Career

'I haven't done the same thing twice, and I want to keep moving in that direction,' 'Jonah Hex' actress tells MTV News.

Sometimes, it's hard to fathom that [movieperson id="333331"]Megan Fox[/movieperson]'s prominent place in the pop-culture conversation only dates back to her 2007 breakout role as Mikaela Banes in director Michael Bay's "Transformers." Since then, she's appeared in four films and has two more completed projects on the way, including this weekend's "Jonah Hex." And if Fox has her way, she'll be kicking around on the big screen for several more years to come.

"If I'm lucky enough," Fox told MTV News about her hopes to make her acting career a longtime commitment. "I mean, I would love the opportunity to do that. But that's not really up to me; that's up to the world."

Surely, the world would throw its support behind Fox's desires to stay on the big screen, if only because of her incredibly entertaining offscreen antics (see: her notorious Michael Bay feud). But Fox doesn't believe she's a provocative personality, so much as a misinterpreted one.

"I don't feel like I've ever necessarily said anything that was provocative," she said. "I think that people take relatively innocent statements and turn them into provocative things. ... People have no idea how to react. It's not that the statement itself is outrageous."

As for what the future holds for Fox aside from "Jonah Hex," the actress will be seen opposite Mickey Rourke in "Passion Play," a film in which she plays a winged circus performer. Additionally, she remains attached to "Fathom," an action film based on the comic book created by the late Michael Turner. Beyond those commitments, Fox has only one concrete plan: mixing it up.

"I don't have anything specific, like, a specific genre film that I want to do," she said. "I just want to keep doing things that are completely different, because so far, I haven't done the same thing twice, and I want to keep moving in that direction."

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