T-Pain Says He Won't Release His New Album Until Music Sales Pick Up

'Ain't nobody selling records unless you Susan Boyle,' T-Pain tells MTV News.

There was a time in recent pop-culture history when [artist id="1998098"]T-Pain[/artist] and his Vocoder were virtually inescapable. You couldn't turn on the radio, watch a hilarious viral video or tune into an awards show without getting an earful of T-Pain and his computerized twang.

But in 2010, with album sales still sluggish, T-Pain said he's not putting out any new music until the tide turns.

"I got the mastered version of my album in my car right now. But I'm not bringing my album out until these artists start selling records again, 'cause ain't nobody selling records unless you Susan Boyle," T-Pain told MTV News. Even though his website is promoting his forthcoming effort RevolveR, the collabo king insisted he's going to fall back until album sales pick up. "I'm not doing nothing. I'm not bringing out no album, not dropping no more new singles until people start selling records again, and that's the approach I think everybody should take unless you Susan Boyle or Miley Cyrus."

Pain said that, these days, artists who are not running things on the pop tip don't really have a chance. "It ain't really nothing else you can do. Any hip-hop artists, anybody coming from the South, we ain't doin' it," T-Pain said. "Until everybody show and prove, I ain't droppin' no album."

While he's holding back on his solo work, Pain is still collaborating and told MTV News about creating the track "My Own Step" with ATL's Roscoe Dash for the soundtrack to the dance flick "Step Up 3-D." "The song was for somebody else at first, and then they was asking ... [T-Pain's label] Nappy Boy: 'Do we have some songs for the "Step Up 3-D" movie?' " said Pain, who sent songs featuring artists such as Sophia Fresh, Tay Dizm and One Chance. "They was like, 'You got some stuff with you on it?' I was like, 'Yeah, here go a song right here.' They came up to me like, 'Roscoe Dash got on.' I was like, 'Yes! We got him!' " T-Pain said, adding, "I've been trying to do a song with Roscoe Dash for a long time."

Pain, who's no stranger to hitmaking, said he was looking forward to working with the "Show Out" rapper, because he thought Dash brought something fresh to the game.

"I've been living in Atlanta for, like, two and a half years ... and I listen to the radio a lot, and they play all Atlanta. When Roscoe Dash's song came on the radio, I was like, 'Oh, thank you,' " Pain said. "It was just a relief. It was just something new."

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