Robert Pattinson Brings Mom And Dad To 'Tonight Show'

'Eclipse' star says his parents are OK with him doing nude scenes because 'they've seen it all before.'

Robert Pattinson isn't the only member of his family who's had to get used to his fame. When the "Eclipse" star stopped by "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" on Tuesday night, he brought along his mom and dad and talked about how they're adjusting to his overwhelming success.

"I think they're handling it alright. I think they used to [believe the tabloid stories] — well, maybe not the alien child — but I don't think so anymore," he explained while his parents sat in the audience. "It depends on the source. Some sources are more reliable than others. If it's in some of them, it's definitely true [to her]. 'I've bought that magazine for years. I have a subscription!' "

Meanwhile, his dad likes to send Rob e-mails with advice on how to handle fame. "I hope this doesn't embarrass my dad. He loves sending me e-mails, which I love getting," he said. "He claims he doesn't love watching films. His favorite film is 'Jaws.' With 'Twilight' he was like, I think it's a mixture between 'Jaws' and 'Superman.' " Pattinson then read aloud an e-mail from his dad about romantic gestures like kissing a lady's hand.

Pattinson even dished on their reaction to the idea of seeing their son bare all on the big screen, which he does for the upcoming "Bel Ami." He joked, "I don't know, I guess they were a little bit shocked. [But] I think they were OK with it. They've seen it all before."

They may be comfortable with it, but Pattinson is still trying to come to terms with onscreen nudity. "I think the initial moment when you're walking to set [is nerve-racking]. They give you a little robe and the moment you have to take it off you want to throw up," he revealed.

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