Afrojack Talks His 'Freaky' Lady Gaga 'Alejandro' Remix

Gaga's people wanted 'that crazy Afrojack vibe,' so Dutch DJ/producer 'went really crazy.'

"Lady Gaga, she's a freak," Dutch DJ/producer Afrojack told MTV News on Saturday, "so I thought, 'Gotta make a freaky song!' "

He's referring to his remix of Lady Gaga's most recent single and video, "Alejandro," which is among a collection of remixes featured on Gaga's recent Alejandro: The Remixes EP.

In the electronic/dance music world, Nick van de Wall (a.k.a. Afrojack) is one of the genre's rising stars: His mentor is crossover star David Guetta, and he has been instrumental in popularizing the "Holland House" — or as he calls it, "bleep" — sound.

Interestingly, when Gaga's camp put in their request for the remix, at first Afrojack thought it better to deliver a more pop-radio-friendly track. But as fans of Lady Gaga have come to know, she prides herself on keeping it real. Turns out Gaga wanted a dirty, more underground Afrojack joint.

"First I thought, 'Let me just give them a soft mix,' " Afrojack recalled. "And they were like, 'No — we want that crazy Afrojack vibe.' And so I went really crazy. I was even in the studio like, 'This is pretty damn hard.' I sent it and they were like, ' F--- yeah!' "

Afrojack also told MTV News that he recently completed an official remix for Diddy-Dirty Money's "Hello, Good Morning," and that fans should expect some serious house.

"It's like really, really underground," Afrojack said. "Even more than the 'Alejandro' remix — like even more back to the underground, purely for the house heads, because I know [Diddy] works with Felix Da Housecat. He's really into that electro stuff, so I thought, 'You know what? I'm gonna make him a really underground mix.' "

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