Taylor Swift Says She's Taking A Break From Acting

'I'm making music. That's always been my number-one love,' singer tells MTV News.

After nabbing an MTV Movie Awards nomination for her work in "Valentine's Day," and a cameo in "CSI," Taylor Swift has had fans wondering whether she'll hit the big or small screen again soon. When we caught up with her, Swift said if a great role were to come her way, she wouldn't pass it up.

"It's been so cool to be able to be a part of things that have been really fun, like being in 'Valentine's Day' and getting to guest star in 'CSI,' " Swift recently told MTV News. "I feel like I get to do these little mini-movies when I make music videos, so that kind of fulfills that little need or desire. But, if I ever get time, I might like to [act again]."

Still, Swift was clear about her main focus. "I'm not making movies right now. I'm making music," she said. "That's always been my number-one love."

Indeed, Taylor has been busy working on a new album, which she teased, last month, would revisit some familiar territory.

"[The new album] is going great actually," Swift revealed. "I've been writing it for the last two years, so this summer it's all about the finishing touches and getting in there in the studio and recording the last couple songs." Asked what her inspiration was for the upcoming project, Taylor said the answer should be obvious: "Boys and love."

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